Well, today I finished the second draft of Against Gravity. No major structural changes (ie no structural changes) to what I already had, really just trying to tidy up what I already had, which took me just a smidgen under a month to do. Again, I'm too close to it to know how I actually feel about it, so I've emailed it off for a review by the writer's circle, and hopefully I'll get some general comments back before then. I always hate this time - I've got absolutely no idea how well the story will stand up, or if it'll really be any good at all (smell the paranoia), but I felt the same way about Angel Stations and that got me a book deal, so I guess I should shut up and stop worrying.

Still, I think I've got at least two more drafts there. I need to know what people think before I start even thinking about any major changes that might arise out of what they say. I also need to spend time researching my facts and places, and trying to get them right where I haven't already checked them out.

What else? An email from my editor telling me he's working on the line-by-line comments and suggestions for Stations, which he's probably going to email me a hundred pages at a time, so no likelihood of any long rest for me yet. Still, I don't think this will break my back.

Spent a couple of hours today wandering around the centre of Springburn thinking, 'should I buy a place here since there are nice flats going cheap?' and came away thinking 'no, probably not'. Glasgow is a funny place. There are really lovely bits, and there are bits I wouldn't go into without armed guard and a platoon of killer attack dogs. Springburn isn't quite that, but it's a world away from what I'm used to, so I'm inclined to look elsewhere. The West End, particularly if you're me, is the place to be, but unfortunately lots of other people think so too, and the price of houses has rocketed unbelievably in the past couple of years, not helped by plummeting interest rates here in the UK.

Oh yeah - finally gave up on Lord of Light. Got as far as page 150 before I just couldn't take any more. I keep trying to think of something a little more considered-sounding and thoughtful than just saying 'unreadable' ... but that's all that keeps coming into my head just now.

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