First revisions for Angel Stations came through today - they're sending them to me a hundred pages at a time. There's a lot of stuff to be done, but it doesn't worry me at all - really, it's no-brainer stuff on a line by line basis. What I mean by no-brainer is, they've made 'suggestions' (ie I presumably have some leeway to disagree with my editors on the 'suggestions', but let's not be hasty now) ... rather a lot of suggestions, in fact. But that's ok, because they're all clearly marked, and all I need to do is sit down at the laptop and work my way through them.

No worries.

Actually, glancing through it, I can see points where I do disagree with some of the comments. One example; on the very first page, there's a line which - in the original version - reads, 'Algorithmic formulae spun through the heart of the machine'. They've suggested 'Algorithmic formulae began spinning through the heart of the machine'.

Now, I'll have to tell you - despite the fact I'm an author with a book deal, my skills with the english language do leave something to be desired in certain departments. Particularly my punctuation skills. I suspect I'm like many writers in that I started reading books before the skill could be taught, meaning I've come away with a lot of ingrained bad habits. Too much staring out the window looking at fluffy clouds.

No, really. That's all I remember. Attractive fluffy clouds while I was in some ... room with people talking. Oh well.

So looking at the line the way I first had it, I think, "oh dear - that really should be ... maybe 'span through the heart of the machine', perhaps?" Or maybe began to spin. Aargh. Indecision. Actually, maybe that last idea is the one to go with.

Apart from that, here's a link to a program I quite like, called wordweb - it's freeware, and I've found it occasionally useful in my writing. This is why I have the word 'lazuline' on the second last page of the book.

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