Came home, decided not to write - well, I earned a rest - and immediately the walls started closing in. Felt ... overwhelming ... need ... to socialise.

So off to a coffee shop with MJ for a few hours - Offshore, in Gibson st, quite nice, check it out if you're ever passing that way - and caught up with friend Dave, who's moving through to Edinburgh some time next month.

I will also attempt to not write tomorrow, as well. Unless the first revisions come through.

Heard a wonderful concept today; drive-by management. It refers to the kind of managers who sort of stop by, screw up your working life, and then zoom off, leaving you in the middle of a mess brought about by managerial incompetence while they sail at speed over the horizon, leaving you floundering. A familiar concept, and no doubt a major motivating factor for many writers attempting to escape the nine to five treadmill.

Found this wonderful comment from a UK government site, a transcription of a Lords discussion, discovered via William Gibson's blog; so ridiculous - so Pythonesque:

"Lord Sainsbury of Turville: My Lords, I totally agree. These statistics on accidents are extremely fascinating; they prove that the British public can use practically anything in this world to hurt themselves with. It is understandable that there are an estimated 55 accidents a year from putty, while toothpaste accounts for 73. However, it is rather bizarre that 823 accidents are estimated to be the result of letters and envelopes. It is difficult to understand how they can be the cause of such serious plight. I agree with the noble Baroness that it would be helpful if people paid careful attention.
Baroness Strange: My Lords, does the Minister agree that sardine tins and anchovy tins are also very difficult to open with their tin-openers?
Lord Sainsbury of Turville: My Lords, I think I will just agree with the noble Baroness on that question."

I can't remember the name of the kingdom in the movie 'The Mouse That Roared', but it's very reminiscent of same.

Websites; if you're a writer, you should check out this guy and his blog. Very entertaining. Sometime soon, I'll be putting up some blog links since it's really time I did, and maybe a little side bar explaining just who the hell I am, since I suspect it would probably be a good idea.

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