Bored, kind of. Been spending far too much time indoors, not enough time going out and ... doing stuff. Social stuff. Naturellement, I spent time at the pub on Saturday night ... and then everybody went home really early, except of course for me, MJ, and David, who has almost as little of a life as I do.

I've been thinking about next-book ideas again. At this rate, I should have most if not all of the revisions on Against Gravity done. That won't be the final draft, really just tidying up the first. Third draft will be tidying up those revisions, and seeing what else I can do to spice up the story, streamline events towards the final showdown, perhaps give the whole thing more of a ... thematic feel. Perhaps. But I've also reached overload, where I stare at the words and they all just blur together ...

What else is going on? Voted on Thursday in the scottish parliamentary elections with no real idea who the hell to vote for. My local labour mp is currently being accused in the press of taking bribes from Saddam Hussein. I worked with Greens in the past, and that experience, combined with seeing David Icke on tv when he lost it first time round (one time sports presenter turned UK green spokesman turned loony in a green jumpsuit who claimed Atlantis was going to rise any day now and the royal family are really alien baby-eating lizards in disguise) puts me off them - a little. I like the SSP main guy Tommy Sheridan, but hold back on the actual party, who strike me as typical humourless Scottish Calvinists with a different religion - which may be unfair, but it's the way they come across to me. Besides, I do feel that if it wasn't for Sheridan, they would be precisely nowhere.

So I ended up taking the soft option, and just voting for Labour on all three votes. I don't support the recent war (while at the same time seriously disliking many of those who acted as spokesmen for the anti-war movement including the aforementioned Galloway), but compared to the rest, they may well be the least scary of the bunch. Which is, in itself, quite depressing.

However, I was interested to note as one or two others did that the results show Scotland really does lean somewhat to the left of everywhere else. This is one of the few things I like about the country I live in.

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