Yay, finished the first draf t of Against Gravity. At what I can only describe (for me, at least) as breakneck speed.

It tops out at a tiny fraction over 120,000 words, started on January 25th 2003. so that's ... 80 days, or two and a half months, roughly speaking. Which is an average of maybe 1500 words a day. I think I only had maybe two, three complete days off the writing, tops. I've now got the choice of completely ignoring Against Gravity until the Angel Stations revisions are out of the way, or I can get more or less straight onto the Against Gravity revisions now. And since I've got the text already down., the theory, at least, is that the second draft should be easier.

It's got to be said, now I've actually got a book deal, I do feel driven to write like a mad bastard, although another little voice keeps reminding me not to rush things too much at the same time. Take my time, get things worked out.

Still. I know what the third one is going to be; Leviathan's Fall, set on the same world as my first, unpublished novel, Touched by an Angel. I've already mentally plotted out the first chapter, and for the past couple of weeks ideas for it have been floating around in my head. I'm hoping I can get working on it later this year, if the other two projects don't take too long. Famous last words ...

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