Dear, it's been a while since I posted. I've definitely not felt so inclined since the book deal came through. However, I'm back. The second book - Against Gravity - is currently past the 100k mark, and should top out - I think - at 120k. Still no sign of the revisions for Angel Stations, though I expect they'll come through before too long.

I have also figured out what I'm going to do once Against Gravity is out of the way. I'm going to completely rewrite, from the ground up, my first, unpublished novel, Touched by an Angel. Except this time I'm going to call it Leviathan's Fall. In one sense, I think it may be a murder mystery, though mind you, I only say that because the first chapter is basically going to involve a murder and whodunnit. Beyond that, the basic world setup is the same, although the plot and character interaction is, I believe entirely different.

I'm all geared up for Eastercon, my first in a good few years. I'm sure it's been at least three years, if not even longer. A lot of other writers who are also signed to Tor UK will be there, which should be very interesting. You know, I'm really looking forward to it. Yay, I'm a writer. Though some of the money would be nice ... since I've sold the translation rights along with the UK rights, it's very likely, I suspect, that the book will also be published in Germany, although that's very much by way of a guess. Note to self: check how 'angel stations' translates into deutsche ...

I've set up an intermediate website for my books. 'Intermediate' because it's just using a freebie domain address until I get a better and more permanent one sorted out, so beware of annoying pop-up ads and accept my apologies (you know, every time I write or hear that word, to my extreme annoyance I always think of the German torturer in Blackadder II who kept saying 'apple ogee's'). But check it out. Especially the rather handsome chap in the top right corner, albeit with a bit of image manipulation worked in.

The address is www.gmgibson.cjb.net

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