Thinking about ... cover designs. They asked me for ideas, and now I'm wracked with indecision and the fear that whatever I suggest could turn out to be the wrong, wrong, wrong thing. I emailed Mike Cobley (who's got the Shadowkings books coming out from Simon and Schuster, used to share a flat with him) and asked him how it worked with him. He said he came up with something 'symbolic' of the events in the book. Hah. Worked for Shadowkings, unlikely to work for Angel Stations.

But they did ask who I fancied for the cover. I put Steve Stone on the top of the list - he does amazing digital artwork, and funnily enough did the cover for Shadowkings. After that, Fred Gambino, who's done a lot of good stuff, particularly the covers for Jack Womack's Ambient novels. And after that, a guy whose name I can't remember, even though I emailed Edinburgh author Charles Stross for his name; he did the cover for the US edition of Stross's new book, Singularity Sky. I liked it. Very pretty. Always had a soft spot for big things emerging from cloud cover.

Basically, I've been spending the past week or two banging my head off a wall coming up with some stuff for my agent - like, an author bio, stuff I've done, and as a result I sit in front of my computer, suddenly lost for words ... The most depressing thing out of a range of questions designed to spur me on was the one which asked, 'most exciting thing I've ever done'. Er ...

Er ...

Nope, still can't think of anything.

Apart from selling my first novel, of course! Now there's an answer.

Expect me to take up mountain climbing or air-sea rescue sometime in the next year. Heh.

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