Suddenly, my life is so busy.

Pan are going to pay for my hotel room for a couple of nights at this year's Eastercon, which means all I have to do is pay for my membership and get myself down there (probably by train on the early Saturday). My editor will be there, as will John Jarrold, who was involved in the decision to buy my books. I also have to write a bio for myself - more extensive than previously requested by my agent, something that can be used in a press release, I suspect - plus they want a photograph. So I'm getting a local photographer, Travis, to do some head and shoulders shots on Saturday afternoon for about thirty quid.

In the meantime, I've also had an invite to the Tor UK official launch which is at the ICI in London Wednesday coming, but it's too soon for a) me to get somebody to cover for me at work and b) for my brain to be able to cope with it yet. But there'll be a second, less official 'mini launch' at Eastercon.

Being wined and dined by a publisher. Yeah ... I like that.

Entries may get more sporadic due to increased workrate. But Against Gravity is at 58,697 words.

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