Quiet day; MJ is off down south to Liverpool visiting a friend, Donna, not back til tomorrow night. Will admit to being a bit bored with nobody to talk to. Made up for it by writing a shitload. Usual day at work. Spoke briefly to Mike on the phone after a copy of a small-press mag Roadworks came through the post. I remember when stuff like that mattered to me ...

Completed most of the buddhist retreat section of the book - Peter's first visit, at least. Never really timed myself writing, but it's 11:30 now and I'm pretty sure I started writing again (after this afternoon, when I got back from work) about ten?

Anyway, word count is 41,861, so that's over two thousand words tonight. It feels like it's making a difference not revising the text as I write it; it'll be pleasantly unfamiliar to me when I finally get around to revising. Of course, having a detailed plan and sticking to it works wonders.

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