I've been wondering about the idea of maintaining two blogs ... since the blog I keep here feels like two combined into one. On the one hand, there's the personalstuff about my life, the people I hang out with, that kind of thing. On the other, there's the writing. When I look at other writer's blogs, they're very focused on the work - their personal lives don't come into it at all. But I've intermittently kept diaries since I was very young, so writing about the intricacies of my daily life makes sense to me.

What I'll probably do is this. If and when I sell a book, that's when the blogs get split into two. One for work-related writings, the other just for my personal life. That makes sense. After all, when many pro authors write blogs these days, it's towards keeping a high profile, so that people who like their books can read about them and their ideas. I don't need to do that as I don't actually have an audience. Yet. When the time comes, however ...

A touch tired today, having been dragged out by Dave for what was meant to be a quiet drink for the sake of leaving the house, but which rapidly turned into a major expedition to the Garage nightclub. A disconcerting number of people asked if they could try on my hat, which was brought under the highly delusional impression that on my head it would have the same effect as the hat worn by Matthew Broderick in the remake of Godzilla. Pity me, for I am foolish.

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