I'm still knocked for six. It's the main reason I haven't been blogging. The book deal sort of came down from the heavens and sent my normal behavioural patterns reeling. Apart from that, nothing is different. The book (the second one of the deal, Against Gravity) is up to about seventy thousand words. It's going not bad - I think - but I'm writing the first draft of this one in a much more fast and loose style than before. Primarily because there's no point trying to perfect something you might end up ripping apart later on once you decide something needs to be different in order to support the story you're trying to tell. And to work that out, you need - a lot of the time - to write it first.

I'm working on ideas for a website for myself, as well as trying to get things arranged for going down to the convention. it's a pain, getting all these details worked out. slightly less than a month away now, so best to get it out of the way. not sure, either, if i can even get a room in the hotel itself. still, had a flick through the seacon website and noticed a lot of familiar names, a lot of - ahem - other authors.

God, I love saying stuff like that.

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