I feel I'm on a bit of a roll, which is a good thing in some ways, and a bad thing in others. Good because I'm getting lots of writing done. Bad because I spend far too much of my evening sitting by my pc typing away. Dave called earlier in full speeding-rabbit mode asking me to come around and hang out but I turned him down, thinking, I have to get some writing done.

Thing is, I usually finish work about two in the afternoon, and what I should be doing when I get home is working on the book. Instead I fritter my time away until about six or seven, then I start writing, and feel too guilty about nothaving done any writing yet to go out and do anything ... note to self: MJ and I should get out just a little bit more often. With this in mind, I told Dave I'd come see him Friday evening, although I could tell he was bouncing off the walls with nothing to do and Hetta and Andy out working or whatever.

What else? For a while I was thinking the book was going to come in at well over a hundred thousand, but now I'm wondering if it might come in at slightly less - which is a good thing, because books don't have to be fat to be good. Al and I discussed this a while back, tha prior to the invention of the word processor books were normally maybe seventy to eighty thousand words long. Now they're maybe up to twice that.

Word count is currently 46,152.

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