Do you know, it actually gets better.

I got another email from my agent when I got home late last night which made my jaw hit the floor. Pan/Tor UK have increased the offer to 10,000 pounds a book. Shall I say that again? Originally it was 8,000 a book, now it's 10,000 a book. Why? Because they want the translation rights as well. As my agent Dorothy says, it sort of implies they'll be giving the books something of a push.

This is, as they say, a generous offer.

At some point I'm going to start working on that official author website. Something good ...

The other fantastic thing about this is that as long as I can keep up the part-time work and maintain most of the savings I have (about one and a half thousand pounds, on which I can draw on) then, depending how long it takes the separate chunks of money to come trickling in, I will have no problem being able to afford a deposit and buy a house. And, if I'm lucky and I find the right property, it might even be a house in the West End of Glasgow, the only part of the city I ever really want to live and work in. The 'right property' being one with enough space to rent a room out to students at the local University.

Amazing. Overnight, my life has changed, completely, literally. However did that happen.

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