Did get out of the house. Got back home after work and dragged both of us down to Waterstone's to shop for a book for my Dad's birtday. I buy everybody books since you can't go wrong with them. I feel obliged to always pick the best, most interesting or unusual but nonetheless genuinely really interesting books. This time it was 'Low Life' by Luc Sante, a history of the gangs of new york (No I haven't seen the movie - yet), but it's the same kind of stuff. Read a little about it - enough to know I'll have to buy a copy of it myself.

We stopped off at a Yates on the way home, had one of those cheap two for one dinner things. Home for tv - Buffy. Yeah, yeah, stop snickering in the back. Picked up a second-hand copy of Ken MacLeod's The Cassini Division in the British Heart Foundation shop for 1.50 - couldn't read his first novel, but that was a couple of years ago, so I'll give him a second try.

Oh yeah - read about a song on a William Gibson blog, so here's one to download illegally and feel tortured for doing it - Hurts, a Nine Inch Nails cover ... by Johnny Cash. Really. And it's very good. All together now; like a burning ring of fire ...

Your blogger would like to advise you that his novel word count is currently at 47,751 words. Thank you.

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