At the moment, I"m about eighty thousand words into the first draft of Against Gravity, and mentally kind of putting together a schedule for my work over the next year. Sometime in the next two to three months I'm going to get an editorial letter alongwith requests for various changes small and big to Angel Stations, so obviously it's a good idea to get as much of Against Gravity out of the way before I get to that point. I estimate the AG first draft will be finished in about a month, possibly even less. I'm rather hoping a contract for me to sign will also turn up along with the editorial letter. Another good reason to get AG towards a more-or-less submissable point is, if they don't need any/or not too many changes to it, then I'll get a first payment for that as well before the year is out. I hope.

Other projects beckon. A kind-of collaboration with another writer, Fergus Bannon, which has been on the cards for a while. That book is called Judgment, although I'm not yet sure exactly what my input on that particular project is going to turn out to be. It may be major or minor; primarily, it's Fergus' book, but for complicated - very complicated - reasons, I'm getting involved with the writing, and if it works out we're talking about having it come out as co-authors, money possibly split down the middle.

In the meantime, my payment is in for this year's Eastercon, still getting travel sorted out though. My dad has offered to use his air miles to secure me a flight down to Birmingham from which I can then take a train to Hinckley, although I frankly I hate and detest flying. I know that's illogical, it's not bleeding natural being in a tin box far above the ground with nothing holding me up. Utterly terrifying. Yeah, sod it. I'll just take the train.

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