Well, I had some good - or at least hopeful - news. An email from my agent saying that Angel Stations has been passed on to the editor at the publisher's who are considering it with a good report from the editor's reader. To recap, originally my agent sent the synopsis and first couple of chapters to the editor, who handed it to his reader, who read it, decided it was good enough for the editor's consideration; as a result of which, that editor then read that synopsis and sample, and decided he'd like to see more.

Now what's happened is, that same reader has read the complete novel manuscript, and passed it onto the editor with what my agent calls 'a good report'. Now, that isn't a sale by any means, but it's good news. My agent does seem to feel the editor is going to expect rewrites, but I've already said I expect that anyway. I've done a good job of not looking at all at the manuscript - it's sitting right here by my arm where it's sat untouched for the past couple of months - so that it's fresh to me when I eventually go back to it.

So ... wish me luck.

In the meantime, I'm having some thoughts about my main character in the new story, Against Gravity. I need to develop him more as a character; spent less time on his background than I should have. I made him an investigative journalist. Note to self: on second draft, flesh this out a lot more. Make the reason he's thrown in jail some famous article he's written, some deeply excoriating piece of Pulitzer-winning journalism that's dangerous to the Wilber regime.

The word count's up to 34,945.

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