That's the start of the Angkor Wat part of the story done. I used the Rough Guide online for some of my research, plus a map of that part of Cambodia I found, although I should download some more pictures of the complex to get my descriptions more accurate. I like to think of this as the 'Blofeld' section of the book.

Unfortunately, Mandy didn't get into Glasgow University for the English degree. However, she's still waiting on Strathclyde University, which supposedly actually has a better degree course in English. Fingers crossed. Also got a call from Dave, who's back from Edinburgh and, I suspect, wibbling on the edge of actually moving there since that seems to be where everybody he knows is. He's been spending much of his time, it seems, setting up an office network for the Green Party's Scottish headquarters for the upcoming elections. I may chase him up about maybe upgrading my pc purely so I can play demented computer games of the type that make MJ get that slightly distressed look on her face. But then, I'm not the one who walks about the flat coated in live Gerbils.

Today's word count is, 32,584.

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