I found a site that's quite interesting called www.betterhumans.com, mostly about posthumanism, futurist silicon v. meat type debates. Seems like a good source of ideas. I'm ploughing ahead, and as far as the first draft of Against Gravity goes, I feel like I'm probably around the one-third mark.

We did the writer's circle at the GFT, but in my opinion it wasn't that great. You can hear music from adverts and the movies that are on quite clearly through the walls, loud enough at times - particularly when queues of people are moving past the room we workshop in - to make it quite hard to concentrate on whatever story is being workshopped. We may stick there as long as it's convenient, but I suspect if we do it's going to put people off coming back. We'd been thinking of sticking to the city centre, since some people find it easier to get to and more central depending on what part of town they're coming from, but I think we may have to slide back towards thinking about the West End. There just doesn't seem to be anywhere suitable in town now that Borders is out. I was even thinking of suggesting the Lansdowne Church, where we used to go .... but it would be a bit weird, for me at least, like stepping back in time. Or maybe that would be a good thing, I don't know.

Up to 36,344, or thereabouts.

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