Against Gravity word count: 7,350. Also including a bucketload of research on futurism websites about future biochemical warfare, USA crop patterns, stuff like that. It's going to take a good bit more research yet to get my future history about right.

I'm definitely having one of those off days. Walking around Glasgow city centre with icy freezing rain soaking both me and MJ for about six hours did not help. But we made it for the usual Saturday night at Hubbards and talked about the usual Saturday night things. But when I woke up today ... we both slept in until the middle of the afternoon ... I felt like shit. Crumbly and grey. I'm having a bath in a minute because that'll make me feel better. My eczema (which I've had since I was a baby, and thank the Gods is not nearly as chronic as it was when I was younger) was also acting up, probably in response to the constant soaking and temperature changes.

After I've had a bath, I'll be fine. That's my mantra for today. MJ is off to visit Jim and use his washing machine. News is still full of Columbia, no surprises there, but no real news either. It fell out of the sky, no one knows why.

Had an interesting story idea sitting here, copying a cd for a friend. Not really sf, more surrealist, possibly even Ballard-like, in terms of novels like The Crystal World, of catastrophic change? People start getting smaller, 'Incredible Shrinking Man' style, but it's not just one or a few people, it's everyone, everywhere.

Could be crap, could be neat.

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