Against Gravity word count: 22,891.

Cold is clearing up, but it's freezing out here. I hate that I actually did miss history in the making after all ... all those people I saw passing outside my window were part of what's turned out to be the biggest mass demonstrations in the UK ... ever. And all I could do was sneeze in the general direction of the Labour Spring Conference down the road ...

Just had a thought. A lot of the time when I look at other people's blogs, they always seem to get round to the bit where they talk about the weird search references that brought them to their blog. I use servustat.com, which not only acts as an invisible visitor counter, it also tells you which country they came from, what language their computer is set up for, and if they found you through a search, what words they used, and what search engine they typed it into. This is because every month or so Google 'spiders' web pages around the world, meaning it sends out little autonomous software agents that find your web pages automatically and 'index' them according to what's actually written in them.

Which means, obviously, that the more popular search words you type in, the more hits you're likely to get...

So, by way of experimentation, I'm just going to type in some random probably-very-popular search-type words, just to see if my hit rate rockets, heh.

Harry Potter, space shuttle, nasa, sex, world cup, cnn, michael jackson, fame academy, oscars, christmas, iraq.

Now, that's just a few of them. I'll make sure to add some more in to this entry in the future, just to see if it does move things up.

For what it's worth, I know somebody is reading this thing, even though it might just be random entries when I update my blog and it appears for a few seconds on Blogger.com's main web page. Plus, I've listed the site in things like the 'scottish blogs' link you should see around here somewhere. I wonder if anybody's actually daft enough to read it regularly ...

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