Well. I went into town with Mandy and stopped off at the local Waterstones Books and got chatting to Graeme, who used to be a fellow employee at Borders. He directed me to this website, which does nothing to improve my opinion of Borders from the time I was working there.

I went along with the vague notion of applying for a part-time job at Waterstones to supplement the income from design work, and with the hope that the overall workload wouldn't be so heavy as to curb my writing. Graeme gave me an address to write to and I probably will, but if I can get a design job I'd almost certainly go for that (as long as they didn't make me wear some smarmy suit and tie. yech.) Although as he pointed out himself, job turnover at Waterstones is pretty low. People like working there. But you never know.

I'm feeling much, much more chipper than I did earlier when I felt depressed at having a bare trickle of money coming in, forcing me to dig hard into my savings. I think I may post some of my short stories in the next week or two, since they deserve better than to fester away on my hard disk.

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