Well, it's a good thing I decided to chill a little on the writing front since suddenly some new work has come my way. I worked a full working day today. How weird is that? It does make me wonder how in the name of the gods anyone manages to write a novel while holding down a fulltime job.

I thought this article was very interesting: Norman Spinrad riffs a little on the sf publishing industry, and just how badly it has been harmed by a concentration on juvenile, semi-literate movie and tv tie-ins in the publishing industry since the end of the Eighties. In particular, it's allowed unscrupulous, accountant-driven publishing companies to scrape the bottom of the corporate barrel rather than actually expend any energy developing or promoting new writers. Mind you, when you find out how much some writers are paid to write those tie-ins, you can hardly blame them for rolling over and playing doggie.

Got a phone call from Travis, singer in a band called Hippykiller. Usually hangs out with chicks in leather catsuits. Has a photographers's studio in his basement with a pair of handcuffs attached to the ceiling. Has a taste for 'art' photography, or so I've heard. Never seen any of it. But he always has lots of little projects on the go, and since I've been involved in publishing in the past, he asked me to drop round saturday to see if i could offer any advice about promoting his 'space babes' calendar. I can only imagine, and I'm curious as hell to see what it looks like. Knowing Travis, I expect doe-eyed industrial girls photographed while behaving in excessively friendly manner towards each other. Or rather, knowing Travis, that's at least my guess. If I'm wrong, I'll let you know.

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