On writing matters: got an email from Lawrence, a member of the writer's circle, with a link to a website called spacejock, which contains writing software developed by an Australian science fiction writer, specifically for those engaged in writing a novel. I'm sure it'll be no great surprise to you to find that I've downloaded it already and I'll be more thoroughly checking it out once I've finished updating this blog.

Things got a little busier at work, which is good, since I was fretting earlier this week there wouldn't be enough coming in for me to keep a good balance of emergency funds. Therefore I can rest easier.

The police came around to the printers I work at, asking about somebody who used to work there. Apparently they'd broken into his house and found it deserted and empty, all his clothes gone, all the furniture smashed up. My boss told them a bunch of heavies had been round a few days before, looking for this guy, who, they informed my boss, owed them about 160,000 quid. Well, there you go. Apparently this ex-employee has spent the majority of his forty-plus years travelling the world and can speak at least seven languages. So either he's living la vida loca somewhere exotic where he hopes nobody can find him, or he's floating at the bottom of a ditch somewhere. Your guess is as good as mine.

It has to be said, since I started working freelance in the print and design industry, the number of vagabonds and thieves is astonishing. I once worked for a little while at a printers where it turned out everyone else working there were ex-cons. My boss of the time had been sentenced to twenty years for forgery (money), but got off on a technicality.

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