Looks like I've got something approaching a complete outline for Against Gravity. 'Something approaching' meaning it still needs a lot of tidying up. But I feel quite pleased with myself. Previously I couldn't just sit down and write a skeleton plot/story without actually needing to write the book itself to figure out exactly what it was about. But this time I managed it. I read someone somewhere saying what they did was to make the plot outline more and more complex until all you were really doing was filling in the minor details, but I don't think I'd go that far.

At least this time, I know things I couldn't have before. One: the book will get written. Two: I know how it starts, how it ends, and exactly what goes on at all points in between.

If I get it sorted out fast enough, I think what I'll do is sort of force myself to take a holiday from the writing. Leave the outline for a few weeks until the end of February, start writing the book then. Do those things I hear other people do. Sort of socialising, going places, stuff like that. I hear it's fun.

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