I can tell I"m busy if it's been a whole week since my last update. Mind you, never said no to some extra cash. I took a look at the Against Gravity outline yesterday for the first time in several days and realised I had ten thousand words of outline and character description. I suspect I'm very close to starting the book.

First writer's circle of the year took place in Borders on Tuesday. There was a conflict, apparently, with the Screenwriter's workshop which meets in the same room but is supposed to do so on alternate Tuesdays. So, looks like a mixup happened. I mention this only as Neil, who currently takes care of the circle's admin, talked to them to get the schedule sorted out. When he mentioned we were a science fiction writer's circle, he was met with several blank stares and an expression of disgust. Racism may be dead, but the negative emotions that fuel the desire to have somebody to look down on are still very much with us.

What I really want to do is go up to the screenwriter's group and tell them I think it's really great that a bunch of people can sit around and talk about ideas without actually being proper writers. How great it must be not having to deal with description, prose, all that arty stuff. My teeth are sharp, my anger is pure. Let me at 'em.

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