Got a letter from an old friend from Germany who I used to share a flat with several years ago; she's a social worker and we had quite the torrid affair at the time, one of those very on-off kind of things where you're not sure you're seeing someone until you actually aren't seeing them anymore. We've remained friends since, but she confided in me some time afterwards that she only started thinking of me as someone she'd like to get involved with after reading a short story I'd written a little while before I met her.

Anyway, through a series of crashingcomputers and corrupted hard disks, i lost that story. It was called 'Love, Sex and Quantum Physics'. She called just before christmas, to say hi and catch up with friends, and I mentioned the story. She still had a copy, and it came through the post this morning. I haven't read it at all in a few years, so it really did feel like I was reading someone else's prose. Very strange. I may tidy it up and put a link to it here.

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