The book seems to be finally taking some kind of shape. I started writing the last one, Angel Stations, pretty rapidly after coming up with the initial idea, and worked out the kinks in the rough plot I had as I went along. This time, while I'm waiting to hear back from my agent and the publishers who are reading Stations just now, I'm allowing myself more time to work on getting the plot right for Against Gravity. This time I'm making up a dictionary of characters, power groups, central ideas (zero point field, etc). It makes the plot much clearer when you're working it out on paper.

I'm also considering alternative titles. Omega is a possibility, though not as poetic, but it does sum up the entire direction of the story, once you know what the Omega is. Maybe I should take a flick through some of Mandy's poetry books ...

Originally Against Gravity was meant to be this vaguely left-wing polemic against right-wing US sf, but then the whole central 'ship of fools'/L5 orbital idea went flying out the window. However, I've decided to bring it back in, in a reduced capacity. Assuming my AI's are in space, after a war, it makes sense to put them on board a gone-to-hell O'Neill orbital. It would also make a great setting for a more-or-less climactic battle which our hero has to get through to get to the AI's and the other altereds who have been helping them.

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