At the moment, I've plotted out about eight chapters of Against Gravity, with a mind to the book being maybe ten chapters, twelve at most. I remember reading, before I first tried to write a novel, how writing something of 90,000 words or more allowed a writer room to breathe, to experiment and expand on characters, the way they interacted, etc etc. Now that I'm thinking about a third attempt, even a hundred thousand words seems too little. I've sort of made a half-promise to myself to try and keep the manuscript down to maybe 90-100k this time, as a sort of exercise in relative brevity. Ie, keep it punchy, to the point.

So that's eight chapters, mind, with a rough outline of what I expect to happen at the end of the book. So I'm nearer writing it than I thought. I might even be ready by the end of January, but time will tell. And what about a name? Against Gravity is something which might still work, given the philosophy behind the words, but other, more obvious titles spring to mind. Here's some; A Bridge into Heaven, though it sounds quite cheesy. The Omega Point, which sounds too Michael Crichton and poe-faced. Or The Door into Heaven, which I rather like, except it sounds a bit like Heinlein's The Door Into Summer.

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