Against Gravity word count: 3,068 words.

Definitely thinking about using the tinkerbell motif in the story, plus it's a riff I came up with outside of the original plot. I'll probably deny it in a couple of weeks when things get harder, but at the moment the story feels - somewhat - as if it's writing itself. It still feels strange in first person, and although it allows you greater freedom, still can't shake the feeling what I'm writing is too much rabbiting on, but I'm probably worrying too much. If I have 20,000, say, by the end of March or thereabouts, I guess I'll workshop it.

Definitely feels different in first person, but in a good way.

Went into the Ben Nevis bar across the road for the first time; even though it's about thirty seconds away, I've never been in it, in all these years. Nice, though. Real log fire, too, which is an attraction at this time of the year. Dinky, though. Recommended, if you're ever passing through.

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