Against Gravity word count: 2,155 words.

Did a little more rewriting, changed it to first person singular. Never really written in first person before, certainly not at novel length, but makes sense to do so since I planned the book out to be seen from one character's viewpoint.

I'll have to think of an official date for when I started the book: it would be Friday, so let's say January the 24th, 2003.

Found this terrific site from which I fully intend and with malice aforethought shall proceed to raid at will for ideas. It's the transhuman lexicon. Some of the terms are clearly by people with just too much time on their hands, some of it is utterly brilliant. I especially love the one about shrinking people down to tinkerbell size through nano and biotechnology so they could live life at a much more accellerated rate with an increased lifespan and accordingly shrunken energy usage. It just cries out to be used. I'm sure somebody already must have, but, like that's going to stop me.

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