About Gary


Gary Gibson is the author of ten novels, all published by Pan MacMillan in the UK. Of these, he's perhaps best known for The Shoal Sequence: in order, Stealing Light, Nova War, Empire of Light, and most recently, Marauder. 

His most recent published novel, his tenth, is Survival Game, a sequel to his previous Extinction Game. Extinction Game received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly. 

Some general reviews: "One of the top SF writers active today . . . In the right hands SF can be wonderful, inventive and hugely enjoyable - and Gary Gibson is just that sort of author." - walkerofworlds.com.  "To be considered alongside the leading triumvirate of British hard SF writers: Al Reynolds, Peter Hamilton, and Neal Asher . . . a treat for all fans of intelligent space opera." - The Guardian. "Gibson has certainly proved himself a name to watch." - SFX.

All of his books so far are published  by Tor, an imprint of Pan Macmillan books, and have been translated to Spanish, German and Russian. Audiobooks have been made of all but the first two. He is represented by John Jarrold of the John Jarrold Literary Agency, and any enquiries about rights should be directed there.

Tor UK have a web page with links to interviews and articles.


My most recent novel, Survival Game, was published in 2017 in paperback and ebook. Its a direct sequel to Extinction Game, which received the much-covered starred review from Publisher's Weekly. For more information, or to preorder a copy of the book (due in August 2016) check the sidebar on the right.

I recently completed two novellas, Ghost Frequencies and Devil's Run, both approximately 35,000 words in length. At the moment they, too, are in search of a publisher. 

In June 2016, my short story Senseless appeared in the UK magazine 'Shoreline of Infinity'.  

In November 2016, I completed work on a 90,000 word near-to intermediate future hard sf novel, titled 'Echogenesis'. At the moment, it's in search of a publisher. If you're a publisher, contact my agent (above).

My eight-thousand word novella, Scienceville, appeared in the December 2015 issue of Interzone magazine, the UK's premier sf short story magazine. My first publication in that magazine, back in 1994, became the basis for my first published novel, Angel Stations, in 2004. Scienceville is also available as a free download from the front page of this website.