The cover for Final Days

"Final Days follows the lives of a few key characters as a cataclysmic event is unleashed in Earth’s near future. This is a twenty-third-century thriller revolving around the slow uncovering of a conspiracy that irrevocably dooms the Earth, set against a backdrop of interstellar colonies. The story takes advantage of current cutting-edge ideas about the creation of artificial wormholes for interstellar travel, and their implications for practicable time travel. Action-packed and fast-paced, this is a thrilling SF adventure and a wonderful start to Gary’s new series."

So there you go: the new cover at last. I saw an earlier version of the full wraparound image a few days ago, but was asked to hold back until they'd made a final decision on a few bits and pieces and, particularly, the font. I'll have to be honest that I'm slightly surprised by their choice of font, since I thought the other font used looked a lot smarter, but I suspect people's attention will be much more drawn to Steve Stone's quite stunning illustration.

I'll try and score the full wraparound cover from Julie at Pan Macmillan, but if they don't have it, I'll post up the previous version so you can at least see the art in all its panoramic glory.
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