An Appreciation For Cheap Electric Toothbrushes

This fits into the category of 'where they always there, or did I just notice them because I've been away for a while?' Not those big expensive ones, the cheap three quid disposable ones with a pre-installed battery. Nice idea, so naturally I got one.

Talking of healthy pursuits, I've set my workplace up now we're back in my old flat. One new Galant desk, and one second-hand Aeron chair. I'll freely admit I nicked the idea of getting one of these from reading Charlie Stross's blog a few years back and, like him, I managed to find one cheap on Ebay - only £200, as opposed to the £900 or so I'd have to pay if I bought one new. And it is very, very, very comfortable.

Serendipity, in the guise of stumbling across a related newspaper article by A.L. Kennedy, where she talks about the relationship between a career in writing and a tendency towards back problems (although my own problems, I think, were more the result of several years working as a graphic designer, where a combination of cheap chairs and daily scruff-of-the-neck deadlines did the most damage).
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