Procrastination: An Expert Guide

I got a bit annoyed reading various blogs wherein Jay Lake and others proudly attest to knocking out a quick ten thousand words of publishable prose a night, despite holding down a day job. Not annoyed at them, annoyed at me. I'm getting there, sometimes a little under a thousand words most nights, if I'm doing well closer to two thousand words. Usually. But I always feel like I could do more if I could just stop getting bleedin' distracted. By web page designs, for instance.

Like I said, I'm slowly designing some test blog pages for a revamp of this blog, and for some additional pages featuring excerpts from each book as well as, eventually, associated downloads in a couple of different formats for handhelds, computers, ereaders and so forth. To this end, I've been playing around with header designs and the like. One thing I was thinking of putting at the top of the main blog page in particular was this.

It would sit behind the blogtitle and the underlying description.

Unless, of course, I decide I hate it in another week or so.
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