Because you can't keep a good argument down ...

Too late! You tried to turn away from the screen before the dreadful words burned themselves into your retinas, but it's true, they're talking about definitions of science fiction over at SF Signal.

My favourite is possibly Nancy Kress's (... fiction that replaces one or more facts about our current world with speculative element(s) that are presented in a way that does not seem magical. That element might be scientific or technological change, or sociological change, or just a time change -- a future reality instead of today's.), and I think Mamatas also approaches my own take when he says:

"Science fiction is that subset of fantasy fiction in which the rationalistic, as opposed to the romantic, inclinations of the audience are valorized by the narrative."

Though personally I would have stated it slightly differently if I were stating my own view:

"Science fiction is that form of fiction in which the romantic inclinations of the audience are valorized through an at least reasonably plausible rationalistic narrative."

I could go on ... and on ... but I'll spare your poor scarred brains any further injury.
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