SFX and more reviews

Did the SFX interview on Wednesday, over the phone, so that was a first. Met the photographer at the Glasgow Science Centre (my suggestion) this afternoon, and the weather was surprisingly nice and warm. My back's a lot better, but that's not to say it's not severely achy after an hour or so; that plus the fact I've got a bad case of 'runner's knee' means I wasn't able to go too long, and I had a feeling Jesse - the camera guy - was a bit disappointed I didn't want to stick around for more, but I was starting to feel some definite pain. Some of the shots looked quite cool, though to be honest I'm not one for standing around, and posing ... especially not when there's BBC employees sitting nearby, eating their lunch at the picnic tables overlooking the Clyde. Hopefully they can make some sense out of the garbled answers I provided when they called me the other morning. I'm afraid I don't generally make a great deal of sense before at least midday.

Being the day the book is out, I took a peek in a couple of bookshops in town, and saw one small pile lurking in the corner of one of the Waterstones. It's a start, I guess. The cheapest I've seen it online is just over a tenner, at www.bookdepository.co.uk, a site I've already used myself for several purchases (that's postage free, by the way, here in the UK).

Another good review, this time at Fantasy Book Critic:
"In conclusion, I’m extremely grateful to Pan MacMillan for sending me a copy of “Stealing Light”. Otherwise, I might never have been introduced to Gary Gibson who is definitely an author to keep an eye on. And, I might never have read “Stealing Light” which is easily one of the most enjoyable science fiction books that I’ve finished this year, and would make a great starting point for readers new to the genre…"
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