Cheap Reads Done Dirt ... eh, Cheap

'Liviu' informs me via the comments boxes that in fact, The Book Depository have free worldwide postage, which means even if you're outwith the UK you can get Stealing Light ridiculously cheaply and easily, including deliveries to their good self in NY. Thanks, Liviu! The company's 'About Us' section makes for surprisingly interesting reading. So if you want the book and you're outside of the UK, you can probably get it sent to you for only £10.55 in all. I feel like such a huckster, but ... meh, it's cheap, what can I say? So once again I recommend it. I've updated the links under the cover on the left appropriately.

Friday night was Haggis night at Stravaigin's with friends, which seemed the appropriate thing to do given the circumstances, although it was so stowed it took about an hour and a half to get served, despite them having just about the best and friendliest service anywhere in Glasgow.

Saturday, took part in a reading - along with Hal Duncan, Mike Cobley (who has a new space opera series coming from Orbit in early 2009), Andy Miller and Neil Williamson - at a small convention near the city centre - and did a small excerpt from Stealing Light. Got a text on the way home and wound up at an art school friend's place, breaking guitar strings (sorry, L) and eating vegetarian shepherd's pie with her and some other people and hearing strangely familiar tales of woe of West End flat sharing. As you do.
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