days of honeywine and doom

Okay, that's been a fairly intense couple of days. Following the attempted break-in, I had to juggle endless calls from both the police and the insurers. Forensics turned up to dust for prints yesterday afternoon, which was quite fascinating to watch as they went about their work in my tiny hallway. They dusted one of the storm doors and came away with a couple of prints. They're probably mine, but you never know. Fortunately, I had to work from home that day anyway, since all the staff at the print and design company I work freelance for - for Reasons I Do Not Yet Feel At Liberty To Divulge, But Might Shortly Find The Opportunity To Do So - had to be away somewhere (except for me. Like I say, complicated.)

Today I had to hang around some more for someone to come make the damaged storm doors reasonably secure, until the replacements can be installed. A surveyor was checking out the damage earlier this morning. I did a quick dive into work for an hour to print off some urgent stuff, designs which need to be checked over and approved by clients. Then back home again, in case anyone nasty decided to pay a return visit and kick in what was left of my doors.

So that's been me pretty much at home the past couple of days, and I feel exhausted, which is perhaps not surprising, given how much I've had to deal with in a short space of time. Still, like I said in the last entry, could have been worse.

Stealing Fire is quietly doing that slow-grind-of-a-cold-engine-gradual-and- increasing-motion-forward thing I tend to associate with the start of a new novel.
There's just under ten thousand fairly rough words, but getting there, getting there.
I'm starting to find my way around. One character was originally called something like 'Scent of Honeywine, Sense of Approaching Doom', but I'm thinking of renaming him Days of Wine and Roses. No particular connection to the film or song - at least, not yet (and even then, it would be a stretch considering the story is set half a millennia in the future) - but it ... amuses ... me. So for the moment, it will do.

Oh yeah - the tumble dryer I found in the street? Works perfectly, so far.
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